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June 11, 2011

A Full Day’s Work

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It has been said so many times before by famous writer’s that in order to succeed as a writer it is important to dedicate time and energy into your writing craft and into marketing your work. It’s not that I had ignored the advice before; I just wasn’t really motivated. Today, though, I finally dedicated a full eight hours to my writing craft. That is, I spent four hours researching the writing market, and spent another four hours planning my first romance novel, setting writing goals and a timeline, and preparing to open a new website to feature romantic living, which I will open in about three months. I even made a time log about how I spent my time, and how long my workday was. I have to say I’m exhausted, but as long as I keep up this work, I will reach my goals.


February 28, 2011

Good News Toward My Writing Goals

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Good News Toward My Writing Goals. A helpful resource for freelance writers.

Good News Toward My Writing Goals

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I have researched some websites that offer to pay for written content. Some websites offer revenue for articles, some websites offer to hook bloggers up with Advertisers to post reviews, and some want to hire freelance writers as content writers and/or guides for a more substantial income. I chose a few good sites and here are some of my results:

1. I applied to become a Factoidz Writer, and today I received a notification that my application was accepted. I do not think you know how excited I am about this! I have reserved an assignment for a product review. I will post more about it soon. I can refer my friends to join the website with this affiliate link:

You may have to copy/paste it into your browser.

2. I joined a website, Triond, and published an article through them. You can view my article at:

It’s called “Two Influenza A Viruses: The Swine Flu and the Bird Flu. It’s a comparison of the swine flu vs. the bird flu. The bird flu is actually more dangerous and easier to catch than the swine flu was. If the bird flu becomes a pandemic, it would pose a major catastrophe.

3. I applied for a position as a Content Writer for a major website, which would entail a commitment of 12 articles per month, and along with my article revenue, I would be guaranteed a monthly base pay. They also have positions available for guides, but I will be happy with either position that they’ll accept me for. I won’t say the name of the website until I receive a notice from them about my application.

4. I joined a website set up specifically for reviews. I can review just about anything on that site, and invite my friends to join. I have published my first review for that site at:

You may have to copy/paste the URL into your browser to connect. It’s a review of my favorite Italian Restaurant, The Olive Garden. I will write many more reviews. If you want me to refer you, let me know so that I can send you a referral email from the website.

During my research to find websites that pay freelance writers for content, I found the Hongkiat website. I found “26 Sites That Pay You To Blog”, an extremely helpful resource, followed by “Marketing Your Blog: 10 Essential Tips You Should Know”. I will continue to use the education from these two articles throughout the course of my freelance writing career. Read these two articles by copy/pasting the following URLs into your browser.

Happy Writing! I hope you find this information helpful, as I have.

February 27, 2011

More Writing Projects

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More Writing Projects.

More Writing Projects

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I have taken on some more writing projects. Besides the novels and poetry I’m working on, I have submitted an application to Factoidz and to Review Me for my blogger blog and another blog. I have submitted a full-length article to Triond, which will email me to let me know when/if they publish my article. I have published a review to Shvoong, which I am really proud of.  I have also accepted a position of Journalist/Award Distributor for Photograph Love Community on Deviant Art.

I will also look into more opportunities, so that I can make a living as a writer. I still want to own/operate an online store, but as of yet I do not know how to make that work. If anyone has suggestions on where to find part-time work for freelance writing, let me know in your comments. Also, anyone with experience operating an online store – I would love to read your blog if you have one, so let me know in your comments.

February 25, 2011


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I now have accounts with Twitter, delicious, digg, and reddit. I plan to introduce my blog to the public through these sites, as well as through Stumble upon, which I have had for quite a while. I am looking forward to promoting my writing endeavors.

About my Contemporary Fantasy novel, I plan to self-publish through Amazon and format it for sale through Kindle. I have written 3 Chapters so far. I plan to work on the 4th Chapter today. I also want to make and collect some representations of my character’s features so that I can remain consistent with my character descriptions and my character building.

Inner Beauty, Invisible

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Inner Beauty, Invisible.

Woman Unknown, a Poem

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Woman Unknown, a Poem.

February 24, 2011

New Poem, New Page

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I wrote a new poem today and posted it here as a new page. It’s called Inner Beauty, Invisible. It had been a long time since I have written any poetry. I hope you enjoy it. My writer’s block is over, and as such, my creativity is flowing again. I have also re-worked the first three Chapters of my Contemporary Fantasy novel. I will not post my novel here, but I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Hello world!

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Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am an aspiring author, and this is where I will promote my work through tidbits about my writing experience, include some of my writing samples, promote my work, and write reviews. I may also post some photographs, as that is something I enjoy.